Armenia Holidays 2018

Tourism in Armenia has been rapidly growing since the 1990's with as many as half a million tourists visiting the nation yearly,Armenia has been putting resources into new hotels to expand tourism with outdoor leisure and sports the essential attractions, one of the most visited attractions in Armenia is Lake Sevan which is the largest mountain lake in the world with visitors flocking here every year.



Along with skiing resorts Armenia also boasts a culture scene to rival the best in the Europe along with theatres and opera houses  Armenia is home to three world heritage sites, the Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin,Monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley and the Cathedral and Churches of Echmiadzin and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots and these are just the tip of the iceberg with many more archaeological sites and monasteries scattered around Armenia making it a great place to travel and explore. 

Armenia has seen an explosion of outdoor activities with paragliding taking the top spot, with Armenia being a land high country and a climate perfect for paragliding this itself gives Armenia a huge boost in tourism and another reason to visit this fascinating country.


Those who love a BBQ will enjoy the Armenian cuisine with most foods traditionally cooked this way, along with stews, soups and byorek ( pies ) there is a whole range of foods to try whilst visiting Armenia.