Albania Holidays 2018

Not the first place you think of as a European getaway but Albania is a little gem, with 2 UNESCO heritage sites, a stunning mountainous area which see’s a many tourist flock to with the Albanian Alps to the north, a capital city, Tirana, boasting stunning ottoman era architecture, pristine beaches known as theAlbanian Riviera, cultural and historical landmarks and a Cuisine that is a must try an Albanian holiday is well worth looking into.



The beauty of travelling to a new European destination is learning new things and Albania is no different, a place when you nod your head up and down it means no and side to side it means yes so can be a bit confusing but this is what is great about travelling to a new place.

Another great thing about travelling to Albania is that this is where Mother Teresa was born which is a great thing to be able to say that you have visited Mother Teresa’s homeland, Albania has lots to offer the European traveller from fast paced city breaks to relaxing beach holidays and we are sure you will not be disappointed visiting Albania.