Slovenia Holidays

Slovenia, One of the most youthful European nations, it is well connected to the world, by rail, via air and sea making it a great place to holiday and a must for the backpacker traveller. Slovenia lies between Austria and Italy, the fields in Hungary, and the warm Adriatic Sea. It's assorted scene amazes first-time guests. Sitting tight for you are the snow-secured heaps of the Alps and Triglav national stop with endless frosty valleys, canyons, waterfalls and completely clear wild waters. Fields, valleys, vanishing lakes and waterways make travelling around Slovenia an amazing experience. 


Travelling Around Slovenia

There are more than eight thousand underground caves making Slovenia a perfect destination for the adventurous traveller, going from the incredibly famous Postojna and Skocjan caverns with their beautiful natural carved out passageways giving a new term to travelling around Slovenia. There are many prestigious well being resorts and spas created around various warm and mineral springs, old towns and medieval towns, mansions of the past and present day boutiques.

In Slovenia you can ski in the morning and sunbathe on the drift toward the evening. You can eat with the ship-crowds in the Alpine knoll and after supper visit a wine basement at the edge of the Pannonian plain. You can go through time in exhibition halls, palaces, temples, and displays throughout the day and delight yourself at one of Europe's best clubhouses at night.

Travelling Around Slovenia

From Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, you can be in the heart of the Slovene Alps in 60 minutes, and see the exquisite Pannonian plain. The primitive timberlands in the south are just a single hour away for those who seek a quiet and solace trip when travelling around Slovenia. Families, solo travellers, adventure seekers and the individuals who appreciate the outdoors will have a host of things to do in Slovenia. Walkers can appreciate the hush of the mountains, climbers, skiers, bikers, canoeists, boatmen, anglers, golfers, horseback riders and basically anything you can think of will find a place for them when travelling Slovenia.