For those wanting a true city break in Norway look no further than Trondheim, this amazing place has it all, museums, sculptures, manor houses, cathedral, culture, history and is what is known as the tech hub of Norway this vibrant Norwegian city is an abundance of life and you will not be disappointed.



Located abreast the River Nidelva this thriving city is host to many universities and is mainly an urban district, Trondheim was once the capital of Norway so it is no stranger to a vast core of history and culture running through this city, with the Nidaros cathedral and Archbishops Palace standing side by side you immediately get that great city feel, Trondheim is one of the best places, not just Norway but probably Europe for photos with its architecture founded on it's long history. 

For those really wanting to see as much of Trondheim what we suggest is plan a route to visit the 21 churches here which will take you on a magical journey throughout this city, these churches are hundreds of years old and make great photo opportunities whilst exploring this city. 


With a massive movie scene, a great theatre community, buildings of interest, history at every corner Trondheim caters for those on a weekend break to the solo traveller, with he large university population you will find an array of bars, restaurants and cafes to try, be it a sample of the local dishes or the local beverages we are certain you will have a great experience in Trondheim.